Inalco Code: 1758-9323
C.A.S.R.N.: 1400-61-9
Applications: Nystatin has been used -
• for the treatment of human macrophage cell line U937, to study the effect of nystatin on the production of IL-8 (interleukin 8) by silver nanoparticle-treated U937 cell line[3]
• to determine its effect on intracellular accumulation of OxLDL (oxidized low density lipoprotein) mediated by SR-BI (scavenger receptor class B type I) in COS-7 cell line[4] 
• as a lipid raft modulator on mice macrophages to study the relationship between increased number of lipid rafts and the heightened response of TNF-α (tumor necrosis factor)[5]

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