Inalco Code: 1758-9030
C.A.S.R.N.: 27565-41-9
Applications: An excellent reagent for maintaining SH groups in reduced state; quantitatively reduces disulfides. DTT is effective in sample buffers for reducing protein disulfide bonds prior to SDS-PAGE. DTT can also be used for reducing the disulfide bridge of the cross-linker N,N′-bis(acryloyl)cystamine to break apart the matrix of a polyacrylamide gel. DTT is less pungent and is less toxic than 2-mercaptoethanol. Typically, a seven fold lower concentration of DTT (100 mM) is needed than is used for 2-mercaptoethanol (5% v/v, 700 mM).

DTT has been used:
• as one of the reactants in the reduction and alkylation of αs1-Casein, the major allergen of cow′s milk.[1]
• as a component of medium for the demembranation and reactivation of spermatozoa.[2]
• to maintain stability of the enzyme as thiol effectively protects the active sites of the biocatalyst.[3]
• as a reducing agent to test the specificity of the reaction of N-Ethylmaleimide with sulfhydryl groups.[4]
Formula: C4H10O2S2

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